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Basildon Golf Club – Local Rules

3rd April 2021

Flags must not be removed or touched. If requested by Player A, Player B must keep the flagstick upright (using a club, not hand) while Player A is putting.

Abnormal Ground Conditions (optional free relief):

If your ball is lying in, or your swing or stance is impeded by, any of the following:

Any trenches/ditches/drainage ruts that have been filled in/covered/repaired. Deep ruts made by course machinery. Cracks in the ground. Loose hollow-tine pellets. Ditch, mound and fixed logs on top of the hill on 13th hole. Areas affected by construction of new paths, tees, mounds, etc. (including areas where stones are / were piled). Earth/rubble piles left of and behind 13th green (but not beyond). Scraped area next to 18th yellow tee. Mound on corner of 15th. Stakes and steps within bunkers.
Man-made paths, including paths over ditches where water is carried by a buried pipe (e.g. 18th hole). Exception: any ball coming to rest on a wooden bridge within the margins of a penalty area must be played as it lies or a penalty drop taken e.g. bridges over 11th & 12th penalty areas.
Note: Astroturf revetting in bunkers is an integral part of the course.

Relief procedure: The ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within 1 club-length of the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole (also See Drop Zones below).
You are only entitled to relief from the condition you are taking relief from, you are NOT entitled to a swing. There is no relief for line of play. You are not entitled to relief if a shot would be impossible for any other reason (e.g. feet in tractor rut but ball under a bush)

It must be known or virtually certain that the ball has come to rest in the area, otherwise it is lost.

All other areas must be played as it lies unless marked as GUR.

Penalty Areas and Out of Bounds on 14th
Yellow and red posts are indicative of penalty areas, and on 14th hole white posts are indicative of out of bounds. They do not define the edge of the area.

R & A definition is adopted:“the edge of that penalty area is defined by its natural boundaries (that is, where the ground slopes down to form the depression that can hold the water).”
i.e. if the ball is on either of the side slopes or bottom of a ditch it is deemed to be in the penalty area.

A ball beyond a penalty area marked with red stakes is not in the penalty area.

A ball in or beyond the ditch on 14th is Out of Bounds.

It must be known or virtually certain that the ball has come to rest in the penalty area, otherwise it is lost.

Ditches/trenches not marked by stakes are not penalty areas, but part of the General Area.

Drop Zones

Where present, these are indicated by green posts or markings on the ground. The relief area is the area within 2 club lengths of the post or within the marked area. These provide an additional optional place to take relief from the fence near the 17th tee, GUR near the 13th green, or lateral relief from a penalty area (e.g. left of 17th green) or where the point at where the ball last crossed the margin of the penalty area is difficult to determine.

Putting Green
If an area of damage that is not easily/quickly repairable intervenes on the line of a putt, free relief may be taken at the nearest point no nearer the hole.